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Frequently Asked Questions

Humans break a lot of things. We have similar questions. Yours might be answered already, so check this section out!

Whether it’s a question about a warranty or a service, never hesitate to ask us a query. Fill in the details and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

General Questions

Yes we do. In order to access it, call at 757-243-2846

We repair a variety of phones, you can browse our repair services for further queries.

We offer a 1 year manufactured warranty which deals with manufactured complaints. Please keep in mind that accidental damage voids the warranty.

Yes we do. Our trained technicians will be happy to help!

Yes, you can. However if we can test the device, we can not give a warranty.

Technical Questions

Absolutely! Our Tech Solutions technicians are highly skilled and have undergone extensive training to be where they are today. We’ve spent a lot of time perfecting our skills and have restored hundreds of devices to working quality condition. Plus, we offer a solid [insert duration] day guarantee on our device repairs, so if you experience a fault after the repair, we can help you out,

Yes, we will figure out the problems in detail associated with the device. If you are unsure of the irregularities in your device bring it to us and we will do a thorough research of it and rectify all the minute problems that might hinder the efficiency of the device.

Yes, a free of cost diagnostic service is available.

Only the highest quality parts are in use for repairment. This is the reason we can guarantee a lifetime warranty and if any part is to work inefficiently under that period we offer replacement free of cost. However accidental and liquid damage do not come under our replacement criteria.

We do fix water impaired devices but the nature of impairment is of a paramount concern here. There is a possible risk of corrosion due to which the device might not work at all after it has been opened.

When a device is exposed to water, it is necessary to turn it off as soon as possible and dry it out completely to prevent the possibility of corrosion caused by liquid exposure. Bring it to us so we can assess the damage and repair it accordingly.

Our service – to clean it in a specialized ultrasonic cleaner once the logic board is removed. Complete elimination of liquid and the resulting corrosion will be observed after this procedure. Isopropyl alcohol is used to further clean the device. The device is assessed after these procedures.

Warranty and water damage – unfortunately once a device has been impaired by water contact, it might continue to cause problems in the future as well. Thus we cannot offer our lifetime performance warranty on water-impaired devices.

Yes,simply bring it to our service center and one of our technicians will assist you.

Our specialty lies in the following devices: iPhone, iPod, iPad, Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy.

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